What is Guerrilla Education?

Education is a primary principle within Northern Indiana Patriots. As a group we believe that education surrounding the founding principles of this country is vital in maintaining our republic. Education of the citizenry can take many forms, one such form is what we are calling Guerrilla Education.

Guerrilla Education is based on guerrilla marketing which replaces the need for large monetary amounts needed to get a message out, with the use of  time, energy and imagination.

The premise behind guerrilla education is to make information available to citizens in places they least expect to be presented with education. For example, using unconventional methods such as post-it notes in mundane places grabs attention and compels the individual to read the information.

The messages we use are meant to be thought provoking and neutral regarding political affiliation. They are stated as facts and indeed are just that, stated in a common language manner which informs without threatening or attacking.

For instance when at a gas station filling up your car, jot down an informational message on a post-it and leave it someplace on the pump. Now this message may last only until the next driver gets gas or it may stay there for hours being read by each person filling their tank, either way the message is there and informing the next driver. This is guerrilla education, small steps which over time will plant seeds of knowledge.

Guerrilla education can be used in many different locations around town, it is only limited by your imagination. We highly recommend though that only post-it or some similar type of note be used, not labels which can create vandalism issues with the glue backing.



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