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Send via e-mail, fax or snail mail… or use for a script over the phone. We must contact those on this committee, to urge them to bring it out of committee and onto the floor of the Senate for a vote!




The opinion of many Americans is that our federal government is broken and beyond repair. The sad fact is that the states created the federal government, not the reverse, but few of them have taken the actions necessary to arrest the cancerous federal growth.

Instead, many states have participated in their own downsizing, their independence and autonomy becoming weaker.

States need to take action to recover their sovereignty. They need to return the overgrown federal government to the natural confines of our Constitution. Our Constitution gave the bulk of power to the states and individuals; it gave the federal government very limited power. How can this fact of law continue to be ignored?

The Indiana Health Care Compact (HB 1269) is a first step to regain the sovereignty of our state.  It is a mechanism to protect Hoosiers from intrusions into their health care decision making. This bill will form a compact with other states to make decisions among those states and within those states – the decision authority will not be above the states.

This is a bill that Indiana legislators need to enact into law, showing Hoosiers that our elected legislators understand that they have the will and the courage to tell the federal government that Indiana can make its own health care decisions. This is a bill that Hoosiers want, because it brings decision making responsibility back to the people of Indiana and their representatives, instead of trusting unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

More and more state legislators are examining the promise of constitutional compacts to loosen the federal grip on our rights and resources. Indiana can be a visionary leader and join four other states that have made the commitment to health care choice at the state level, decided by them. The Indiana Health Care Compact (HB 1269) would allow Hoosiers to decide.

We need legislators that will take a stand with the people and fight the federal assault on health care choice, to place health care back into the hands of Hoosiers! Show the people of Indiana that you stand with them and bring this bill forward for a vote. Your constituents depend on you.

Thank you for your attention to this crucial matter.





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