Local Paper: The Times Presents Flawed Immigration Poll as Important


Any poll is only as good and accurate as the questions they ask.  The old computer saying GIGO (standing for: garbage in, garbage out) from any objective view would fit the poll done by Harper Polling.  Without looking at the validity of the primary questions Harper asked in their immigration poll, The Times runs a [...]

Audit the IRS Rally DC Update


Four Northern Indiana Patriots’ made the 12 hour trip to Washington DC and attended the Tea Party Patriots rally along with approximately 12,000 other patriots.  The rally centered on the IRS targeting of groups solely on the basis of their belief in a Constitutional government.  The speakers for the three hour plus rally varied from [...]

Is The Tea Party Dead… Oh WAIT


Some may recall the spontaneous creation of the Tea Party Patriots in 2009. The years that followed can be remembered by the numerous public demonstrations held across the nation with citizens protesting issues such as The Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare), the stimulus bill and assembling to promote a constitutionally limited government. Some have inferred that [...]

Standing for the First Amendment!


IRS Protest On Tuesday May 21, patriots from across the area participated in the nationwide protest of the IRS.  The individuals at the protest took two hours out of their day to have their voices heard.  Of the approximate 55 patriots who were at the Merrillville office some used vacation time in order to make [...]

IRS Abuse of Power/ Scandal


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is arguably the most powerful and feared agency within the United States government.  They alone have the ability to presume a company, organization or individual guilty of crime, making the grieved party responsible for asserting and proving innocence. Starting in March of 2011 news reports surfaced of the IRS using [...]

Stop Experimenting on Our Children: Common Core


A true threat is under way which many citizens are unaware of, yet the impact will have dire results for all children.  A nationalized set of educational standards is being pushed through many state legislatures with no concrete knowledge of what these standards mean for our children. Instead of higher educational goals which encourage the [...]

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Election Day 2012

Hours till the polls open.

The media focuses  on the destruction from Sandy on the east coast and ignores the murder of American citizens by terrorists in Benghazi.  We have within our grasp the ability to throw off the chains of soft tyranny which eludes the media.  The largest threat to our nation, to our sovereignty  is the financial cliff we teeter on.  Escalating debt and trillion dollar plus deficits are unacceptable.  Putting an end to tyranny will not magically happen overnight, it is a journey to realign the country back to founding principles which applauds and encourages liberty.

Do not obsess over the polls; it is an honor to vote and an obligation we share as Americans.  It is your duty as an American to vote for liberty.

As Americans we believe in the truths which our founders carefully laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

We must turn out in droves tomorrow,  regardless if the wait is hours to cast our ballot or the weather is bad.  We must stand for liberty.

Talk to family and friends with passion, inspire them to vote for liberty.   Vote for love of country and founding principles!

Double Check Your Ballot

Throughout the country reports have surfaced of touch screen voting machines not registering the correct choice of the voter.  Locally we do not use the touch screen type of machines; we use push button type of machines.

Please before pressing the final cast your ballot button, check and make sure that ballot reflects the choices you have made.

FYI: Supreme Court Justice on Ballot

With special note, NIPats as a Tea Party Patriots member does not endorse candidates.

The information and link provided below, from the Indianapolis Tea Party,  contains information regarding a judgeship and requests that Justice Steven David be voted NO for retention.


Movies You Should See

As the election draws near, there are 4 good movies you should see or recommend to family/ friends who may be on the fence.

Comcast is offering through their On-Demand option:

2016: Obama’s America

Runaway Slave

Hulu.com has the movie “The Hope and the Change” available for FREE through the election.

And again we strongly recommend that you watch the Tea Party Patriots movie:  The Determinators

Update on Our Postcard Campaign

We distributed almost  seven hundred postcards, throughout the state of Indiana and Ohio to swing voters.  While the individual messages were unique to each writer, all contained the core message of standing for liberty, American values and encouraging them to vote for these principles on November 6th.

We even had a Patriot from Kentucky write requesting some names, after she learned about the campaign from a co-worker.

You are fighting to save the Republic!

Good Job Patriots!


Six (6) Days to the Election: What You Can Do!

Does anyone doubt that this election is perhaps the most important election since the creation of our nation?  We sit at a crossroads of what the future of the country will be; ever increasing government control which leads to a soft tyranny or the embracing of principles encapsulated through the founding documents of the nation?

NIPats will not tell you how to vote, we believe you are smart enough to know what is best for America and what are the core values of the nation.

In these last 6 days there are many things you can do as an individual to help direct the nation toward liberty…

  • Contact a local campaign, they always need additional help.  Maybe to:
    • Phone bank
    • Handing out plugger cards on November 6th at polling places.  Typically the candidate will have a quick 3 point policy solution for potential voters to hear before they cast their ballot.  This may be something like, “please vote for XXX, she believes in fiscal responsibility, limited government and the Constitution.”
    • As the election nears candidates are looking for individuals to place campaign signs in places such as in front of polling locations or in high traffic intersections leading up to election day.

Campaigns are not the only area were you can help.

Tea Party Patriots has set up a phone banking system, find out more here You will be surprised what you find out.

Make a statement in your neighborhood or front yard, check how here.

Tea Party Patriots: Call Now Campaign

Approximately a month ago Tea Party Patriots (TPP) sent over 300,000 undecided voters a copy of The Determinators movie, a pocket Constitution and a push card with the following message

You have a “choice between two fundamentally different visions of the future”

-Barack Obama

What Will You Choose?

More Government or More Personal Freedom

 Don’t you owe it to yourself to spend 2 hours reviewing this before

Election Day to evaluate your choices?

We aren’t telling you how to vote—we know you are smart enough

To know what is best for America.

TPP has set up a phone banking system to reconnect with these undecided voters and we want you to help.

Connect to TPP here, you will be asked to sign in with your information.  Then the site will allow you to get started.

We know many people feel uncomfortable making calls, but what are willing to do to save the Republic?

Fort Hood: “Workplace Violence” ?

A group of survivors and family from the Fort Hood terrorist attack by Major Hasan are calling on Americans to contact their elected officials and request that the administration correctly classify Fort Hood as a terrorist attack instead of the misclassification of workplace violence.

Because the Obama Administration refuses to classify the Fort Hood shooting as a “terrorist act, ” the victims and heroes are unable to collect the additional benefits (including purple hearts) that they would had it not been classified “workplace violence.”

Watch this video to hear their story and request.

YouTube Preview Image

Signs the Liberals DO NOT Like

In swing states, Tea party and private family groups, paid for billboards to be placed along interstates which stated, “Voter Fraud is a Felony” followed with the possible criminal/financial penalty.  The billboards stated nothing but the truth regarding this crime.

Various left wing and elected Democratic took exception to the signs labeling them racist.  Clear Channel at first refused to pull the signs, yet under increasing pressure they reached an agreement with the groups which paid for the billboards to take the signs down.  In addition, Clear Channel agreed to place 10 billboards up, free of charge, for the protesting groups which state “Voting is a Right. Not A Crime.”

Anyone who understands the application of rights in this country, recognize that rights only come from God.  Voting is NOT a right but a privilege. A legal alien is afforded all rights which we embrace as citizens such as free speech and the right to unreasonable search and seizures, yet they are not allowed to vote as non-citizens, that are reserved as a privilege to citizens who meet specific requirements.

Stating that “Voter Fraud is a Felon,” is simply stating the truth contrary to what the left wants to claim.  Just as a billboard which might say “Stealing is a Felony” or “Murder is a Felony”, speaks the truth regarding our laws. We are a nation of laws.

We encourage Patriots to speak out against this blatant attempt to silence, by creating their own home billboard.  We know Patriots can create signs.  Place them in your front yard or in public areas where you see campaign signs, get them out and leave them in place till November 7th.


a.k.a. Obamacare: The Determinators

Patriots sat in stunned confusion as the Supreme Court ruled the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was Constitutional.  The mandate allowing the federal government to demand the purchase of any commodity shook the pillars of our precious liberty.

Since June 28,2012, the date of supreme court ruling, we have begun to understand and feel the effects of Obamacare.  Millions of Americans have directly felt the increase in cost across the board.  Yet this is only the beginning, since many of the day-to-day implementations of the law have not been written.

Tea Party Patriots, the national group which NIPats is affiliated with has produced an excellent movie which starts to unravel the dark draconian underside of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

We encourage you to watch the movie, The Determinators, it will expand your understanding of Obamacare and the future implications of this law.

We encourage you to pass this movie on to others, so they also can gain insight as to the future path of health care in the United States.

YouTube Preview Image


What will you choose?

More Government or More Personal Freedom?

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