Local Paper: The Times Presents Flawed Immigration Poll as Important


Any poll is only as good and accurate as the questions they ask.  The old computer saying GIGO (standing for: garbage in, garbage out) from any objective view would fit the poll done by Harper Polling.  Without looking at the validity of the primary questions Harper asked in their immigration poll, The Times runs a [...]

Audit the IRS Rally DC Update


Four Northern Indiana Patriots’ made the 12 hour trip to Washington DC and attended the Tea Party Patriots rally along with approximately 12,000 other patriots.  The rally centered on the IRS targeting of groups solely on the basis of their belief in a Constitutional government.  The speakers for the three hour plus rally varied from [...]

Is The Tea Party Dead… Oh WAIT


Some may recall the spontaneous creation of the Tea Party Patriots in 2009. The years that followed can be remembered by the numerous public demonstrations held across the nation with citizens protesting issues such as The Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare), the stimulus bill and assembling to promote a constitutionally limited government. Some have inferred that [...]

Standing for the First Amendment!


IRS Protest On Tuesday May 21, patriots from across the area participated in the nationwide protest of the IRS.  The individuals at the protest took two hours out of their day to have their voices heard.  Of the approximate 55 patriots who were at the Merrillville office some used vacation time in order to make [...]

IRS Abuse of Power/ Scandal


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is arguably the most powerful and feared agency within the United States government.  They alone have the ability to presume a company, organization or individual guilty of crime, making the grieved party responsible for asserting and proving innocence. Starting in March of 2011 news reports surfaced of the IRS using [...]

Stop Experimenting on Our Children: Common Core


A true threat is under way which many citizens are unaware of, yet the impact will have dire results for all children.  A nationalized set of educational standards is being pushed through many state legislatures with no concrete knowledge of what these standards mean for our children. Instead of higher educational goals which encourage the [...]

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Lake County Counsel to Hold “Emergency” Meeting on Taxes Tomorrow April 25th

Forget the public forums which the Counsel previously told Lake County residents they would hold. Understand if this tax goes through Lake County residents will see a 1.5% tax on their end of year adjusted gross income. Example if your adjusted gross income is $50,000, you tax liability will equal $750.00. That’s money out of the pocket of you and your family.

Government Goes to Those Who Show Up!

Make no mistake, hasty government is NEVER good government.

Meeting Date: Friday, April 25, 2013
Time: 4:30 p.m.
Location: 2293 North Main Street, Crown Point. The meeting will be held in the Auditorium of the Courts Building, this
is the 2nd (middle) building of the Government Complex.

Be there, show them you care!

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Lake County Tax Moves to the Fast Lane

State May Determine How Lake County Directs How Lake County Tax is Spent

Margaret Thatcher RIP

13 US Senators Pledge to Filibuster Gun-Control

One of the thirteen Senators is ours Dan Coats!  Make no mistake the Senator has been receiving pressure from the mega funded American Progress organization to go along and usurp our Constitutional rights.  The full list of Senators who have pledged to filibuster: Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Jerry Moran, Jim Inhofe, Richard Burr, Ron Johnson, Mike Enzi, Jim Risch, Mike Crapo, Dan Coats, Pat Roberts.

Please take a minute out of your day tomorrow and call the office of Senator Coats and thank him for standing with our Constitutional rights.

Senator Coats DC office:  (202) 224-5623

Crown Point office:  (219) 663-2595

Constitutional Convention

Update From Tea Party of Hancock County:

Senate Bills 224 and 225 have been scheduled for a hearing on Monday morning in the Indiana House of Representatives.  Calls and emails are need to members of the committee immediately.  Contact information at the bottom.

No matter how much some desire to control delegates and an Article V convention, experts say it cannot be done outside of the convention itself.  If these bills are not killed many will have a false sense of security regarding con-cons and likely steam roll ahead to gut the U.S. Constitution.


Lake County Income Tax Moves Forward

The Lake County Council will meet on Tuesday, April 9th at 10:00 a.m. for the first reading of the proposed Lake County tax on personal income.  Currently the proposed tax is scheduled to be instituted at 1.5% of income.  Lake County is the only county in the state without an imposed income tax on residents.

The meeting will be held in the Auditorium at the Courts Building in Court Point, 2293 North Main Street, this is the 2nd building of the Government Complex.

Patriots are encouraged to attend the meeting Tuesday.  Come armed with reasons why the tax should not be instituted, not just because we pay enough taxes already.

Some food for thought, data from the various counties surrounding Lake which could be considered comparable: (more…)

Common Core Explained: Updated With Additional Resources

Whether you have children in the educational system or not, understanding the threat of Common Core to our republic is vital.  Understanding the core principles of our republic requires more than just a cursory reading of the founding documents, it requires the ability to use critical thinking skills.   Instead of higher educational goals which encourage the development of critical thinking skills, the new curriculum becomes a race to the middle not to the top for our children.

The first of five videos which explain Common Core and answer the questions of why you should be concerned.  HERE

UPDATE with additional resources:










Stop Experimenting on Our Children: Common Core

A true threat is under way which many citizens are unaware of, yet the impact will have dire results for all children.  A nationalized set of educational standards is being pushed through many state legislatures with no concrete knowledge of what these standards mean for our children.

Instead of higher educational goals which encourage the development of critical thinking skills, the new curriculum becomes a race to the middle not to the top for our children.

Common Core, the name of the nationalized standards program, currently only covers two subject areas: math and english.  However it sets in motion the framework for total inclusion of all pre-K through 12 education.  Eventually these nationalized standards will be included curriculum for both home school and charter students.  In fact the publisher of the ACT has already agreed to adapt the test to be in-line with the nationalized standards.

Understand that Common Core is not just different measures of learning through tests but entirely different methods of teaching.  In Indiana, for example, the current standards in math are higher then what will be expected with the new material.  We are dumbing down our kids.  Currently educators are allowed to adapt material to individual student needs in learning, this no longer will this be allowed.  Curriculum in Common Core is only allowed to be taught in one manner.  Huge corporations such as Microsoft are pushing Common Core because of the future windfall of dollars they will receive with its implementation in creating programs for testing.  Local communities will have no say in what is taught or how it is taught, never mind that a vast majority of dollars which fund education come from the state not the federal government.  And who does not believe that local school districts and the community know better what their students need and how it should be taught?


The Filibuster

The recent filibuster by Senator Rand Paul should uplift the spirits of every patriot.  Unlike some previous filibusters which centered on reading documents like the Constitution or Declaration of Independence, the entire 13 hours of the Senator’s Paul filibuster centered on the rights of Americans and sought clarification from the administration on previously ambiguous statements regarding drone attacks on Americans on US soil.

“I will speak as long as it takes until the alarm is sounded from coast to coast that the Constitution is important.”
– Senator Rand Paul, 3/6/13

 NIPats stands firm in our conviction that there should be NO ambiguity to the unabridged unalienable rights we possess as Americans.  Thank you Senator Paul.  After the 13 hour filibuster, Attorney General Holder was compelled to clarify the administration’s position on strikes against US citizens.

From AG Holder, “It has come to my attention that you have now asked an additional question: ‘Does the President have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil.’ The answer to that question is no.”

Show your support for the Constitutional stand Senator Paul made by signing the online petition of support for Senator Paul organized by Tea Party Patriots HERE.


Reminder Town Hall Tonight

If you haven’t yet accessed the Tea Party Patriots (TPP) town hall meetings, you are missing some good information on how to return the nation to Constitutional governance.  To access the town hall meetings, you need to register which you can do here.

Once you are registered for one town hall, you are registered for all.  If you miss the call for the free town hall, you will be given a number you can dial to connect, just realize the call is number sensitive so you may not be able to connect if the capacity for the call has been reached.

The previously featured town halls can be downloaded from the same link.  So even if you missed the earlier town hall calls you can still hear them.

Update On Day of Action: Stand with the 2nd Amendment

The February 23rd  day of action, supporting the 2nd Amendment was a success!  The day was cold and windy, in the hour and half we were out there, we gathered 55 signatures on the petition which have been sent to our elected officials.   At approximately 2 signatures per minute the support for the 2nd Amendment was evident and a new line for Constitutional support has been established.

A shout out to Hobart’s finest who showed their support with thumbs-up and short blasts on their horn.

Thanks to those fearless patriots who stood out there and were instrumental in making this day a success!

 Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
~ Thomas Paine

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