Update On Day of Action: Stand with the 2nd Amendment

The February 23rd  day of action, supporting the 2nd Amendment was a success!  The day was cold and windy, in the hour and half we were out there, we gathered 55 signatures on the petition which have been sent to our elected officials.   At approximately 2 signatures per minute the support for the 2nd Amendment was evident and a new line for Constitutional support has been established.

A shout out to Hobart’s finest who showed their support with thumbs-up and short blasts on their horn.

Thanks to those fearless patriots who stood out there and were instrumental in making this day a success!

 Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
~ Thomas Paine

Defunding Obamacare in the Continuing Resolution

From Breitbart News:

Conservative House Republicans are circulating a letter calling on House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to defund Obamacare in the upcoming continuing resolution that funds the government. Oklahoma Republican Rep. Jim Bridenstine, a freshman, and Kansas Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp are leading the charge.

“The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (‘ObamaCare’) remains broadly unpopular across America,” the letter to Boehner and Cantor reads. “More and more Americans are now feeling its impact–from job losses and part-time downgrades, to insurance policy changes and violations of religious liberties, to state budget strains from Medicaid expansions. And Americans don’t like these impacts. Most Americans still believe that healthcare should be controlled by patients and doctors, not by the government.”

In the letter, the conservatives note that while they plan to “re-start efforts to repeal ObamaCare in its entirety this year, next year and until we are successful,” that “in the meantime, there is more we can do in Congress.”

The upcoming continuing resolution, which funds the government, is one such place. House Republicans have the power, should they choose to use it, to shut down Obamacare through the appropriations process–the power of the purse laid out in the United States Constitution.

Read the entire Brietbart article at the link above.

Word has leaked out that the Continuing Resolution (CR) will be voted on TODAY in the House.  Indication are that the CR will NOT contain language which defunds Obamacare, continuing the assault on patient/doctor privilege in deciding health care procedures and our First Amendment rights to religious freedom.

NIPats is urging Patriots to call and urge defunding of Obamacare in the Continuing Resolution.  Tell them that American values and the Constitution calls for all measures available to prevent Obamacrae from negatively impacting Americans.  No CR with funding for Obamacare.

Call Speaker John Boehner’s DC office at :  (202) 225- 6205

Representaive Eric Cantor’s DC office:  (202) 225-2815

Representaive Pete Viscloksky’s DC office:  (202)  225-2461

Representaive Jackie Walorski’s DC Office:  (202)  225- 3915

The letter from Representative Bridenstine to Repretatives Boehner and Cantor.



Tea Party Town Hall with Mark Levin

You are invited to participate in a FREE town hall with radio host, author and former chief -of-staff to  Attorney General Edwin Meese under President Ronald Reagan, Mark Levin.  Mr Levin is a champion for Constitutional governance.  His style of support for the Constitution is straight forward, centering on the fundamental values enshrined in the founding documents.

To listen and participate in this Tea Party Patriots event, requires your registration.  You will be called at 4:00 pm CST  and be connected to the call.  It’s fast, easy and important!

Sign up here.

If you are unable to participate in the call tonight, sign up for future town hall events at the link above.  Once signed up, you will be notified of the remaining events.


FREE 2nd Amendment Bumper Sticker

From the Times:

HOBART | Northern Indiana Patriots will show support for gun rights at an event from 9:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. today at Mundell Field, 2 N. Wisconsin St.

Members of the local Tea Party organization will be on hand to give out free bumper stickers and pocket constitutions, representative Deborah Miller said.

In addition, members will be asking individuals to sign a petition asking for support of the Second Amendment, Miller said.

The petition, which will be sent to state senators, requests that they “safeguard the rights of law-abiding citizens and be an advocate in protecting the Second Amendment from those who seek to weaken our rights.”

Continue reading at the above link.

Take Action: Support the Second Amendment 2-23

This is your opportunity to show your support for the Second Amendment.  Sign the petition to our state Senators requesting they  “safeguard the rights of law-abiding citizens and be an advocate in protecting the Second Amendment from those who seek to weaken our rights. ”

Date: Saturday, February 23, 2013

Location:  2 N Wisconsin St, Hobart, IN  Mundell Field

Time:  9:30am – 11:00am

Sign the petition

Receive a FREE bumper sticker showing your support for the Second Amendment

Receive a FREE pocket Constitution

Show you understand the importance of maintaining ALL our rights as Americans.

See you there!


2nd Amendment Action: Volunteers Needed

Patriots, we have all heard the threats to curtail our 2nd Amendment rights  through Congressional legislation. Apparently,  “shall not be infringed” carries a far different meaning to those in Washington than what it meant to our founders and to Americas who understand the Constitution.

The 2nd Amendment is the cornerstone which guarantees every other right we inherently possess as people.

Through national Tea Party Patriots (TPP) we are being offered an opportunity to demonstrate our firmly held belief that the Constitution matters as much today as when our nation was first formed.

On Saturday, February 23, 2013, courtesy of TPP, FREE bumper stickers will be available supporting the 2nd amendment as well as FREE pocket Constitutions.

The way this will work is NIPats will advertise the event,  patriots bring non-political signs showing support for the 2nd Amendment as well as United States flags.  Some of the Patriots will clean the rear window of the car and attach the sticker showing support for the 2nd Amendment.

We will have a statement of support for the 2nd Amendment which drivers can sign which will be sent to our Senators via registered mail.  This event will last approximately one and a half hours or until the stickers are gone.

To make this happen NIPats needs your energy and participation.  NIPats requests you to confirm that you will attend the event with signs and flags.

To confirm attendance email us at :  NIPatriots at

This event will go on regardless of the weather.

Location:  Mundell Field, Hobart   Map Here

We will stage along the east side of the park, on Wisconsin Street between West Home Avenue and  at Cleveland Avenue

Please park in the parking lot or along side streets.

Date:  Saturday, February 23, 2013

Time:  9:30am- 11:00 am

Bring your friends!  See you there!

Movies You Should See

As the election draws near, there are 4 good movies you should see or recommend to family/ friends who may be on the fence.

Comcast is offering through their On-Demand option:

2016: Obama’s America

Runaway Slave has the movie “The Hope and the Change” available for FREE through the election.

And again we strongly recommend that you watch the Tea Party Patriots movie:  The Determinators

Update on Our Postcard Campaign

We distributed almost  seven hundred postcards, throughout the state of Indiana and Ohio to swing voters.  While the individual messages were unique to each writer, all contained the core message of standing for liberty, American values and encouraging them to vote for these principles on November 6th.

We even had a Patriot from Kentucky write requesting some names, after she learned about the campaign from a co-worker.

You are fighting to save the Republic!

Good Job Patriots!


Six (6) Days to the Election: What You Can Do!

Does anyone doubt that this election is perhaps the most important election since the creation of our nation?  We sit at a crossroads of what the future of the country will be; ever increasing government control which leads to a soft tyranny or the embracing of principles encapsulated through the founding documents of the nation?

NIPats will not tell you how to vote, we believe you are smart enough to know what is best for America and what are the core values of the nation.

In these last 6 days there are many things you can do as an individual to help direct the nation toward liberty…

  • Contact a local campaign, they always need additional help.  Maybe to:
    • Phone bank
    • Handing out plugger cards on November 6th at polling places.  Typically the candidate will have a quick 3 point policy solution for potential voters to hear before they cast their ballot.  This may be something like, “please vote for XXX, she believes in fiscal responsibility, limited government and the Constitution.”
    • As the election nears candidates are looking for individuals to place campaign signs in places such as in front of polling locations or in high traffic intersections leading up to election day.

Campaigns are not the only area were you can help.

Tea Party Patriots has set up a phone banking system, find out more here You will be surprised what you find out.

Make a statement in your neighborhood or front yard, check how here.

Tea Party Patriots: Call Now Campaign

Approximately a month ago Tea Party Patriots (TPP) sent over 300,000 undecided voters a copy of The Determinators movie, a pocket Constitution and a push card with the following message

You have a “choice between two fundamentally different visions of the future”

-Barack Obama

What Will You Choose?

More Government or More Personal Freedom

 Don’t you owe it to yourself to spend 2 hours reviewing this before

Election Day to evaluate your choices?

We aren’t telling you how to vote—we know you are smart enough

To know what is best for America.

TPP has set up a phone banking system to reconnect with these undecided voters and we want you to help.

Connect to TPP here, you will be asked to sign in with your information.  Then the site will allow you to get started.

We know many people feel uncomfortable making calls, but what are willing to do to save the Republic?

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