Audit the IRS Rally DC Update

Four Northern Indiana Patriots’ made the 12 hour trip to Washington DC and attended the Tea Party Patriots rally along with approximately 12,000 other patriots.  The rally centered on the IRS targeting of groups solely on the basis of their belief in a Constitutional government.  The speakers for the three hour plus rally varied from elected officials who expressed outrage to Glenn Beck to individual citizens who faced harassment not only from the IRS but also government groups such as the FBI, Homeland Security and OSHA.

Continually throughout the day we were reminded that the Capital is OUR house, not that of elected officials and bureaucrats.   While we may elect individuals to represent us in DC, they serve to be the voice of the people they represent, not that of an ideology or for political gain.  Elected officials have a responsibility, indeed a duty, to fight against any and all oppression from an overreaching oppressive federal government.

If you have never been to a rally of this size, trust that it is truly an empowering event.  In addition to empowering the individual who attends an event like this, it also sends a message to those in DC who want us to stand down and not voice our concerns on a government which has overreached past its Constitutional authority.

Do you doubt this?  Do you think that events were the people sacrifice time, money and may face personal struggle/hardship  to attend are inconsequential?  Hardly!  Ask yourself why the Capital police would leave a voice mail message to Kevin Mooneyhan, Deputy Executive Director of the Tea Party Patriots instructing him that individuals who attended the Audit the IRS rally could not go on to the east of the Capital and attend the Lincoln/Douglas debate hosted by House of Representatives, Congressman King on the amnesty legislation.

Breitbart has the taped voice mail here.

What is interesting is the time of the Capital police call  at 9:28am,  the Tea Party rally was not scheduled to take place until 12:00 noon.  So the Capital police were attempting to  direct the movement of individual citizens, on the grounds of what is our house, the Capital.

Furthermore Officer Brown’s statement of, “Police personnel will be on site to take whatever action necessary to keep order and peace on our grounds,”  insinuates  contrary to historical  fact, that Tea Party groups are violent.  I know of NO incidents were Tea Party members have incited violence or have been anything but law abiding citizens.   We are not Occupy Wall Street, maybe the Capital police were confused?  Or it is another example of how the federal bureaucracy is seeking to limit our rights under the Constitution.  You be the judge.

Some comments made at the rally:

Wake-up citizens- the Constitution is being erased from within.”  As we watch continuous violations threaten our liberty, as patriots we must stand up and find our voice.  A government which can use the power of the IRS to intimidate and harass citizens is out of control and threatens our right to freedom of speech and association.

..obligation to be here..our call to duty..”  Freedom comes with a price and a responsibility.  The oppression of the government will continue to escalate if we do not stand and be counted.

You are the heartbeat of America.”  If we do not speak, who will?

At one point during the rally Beck commented, Putin asks America, ‘Do you know rebels are eating the dead Syrian soldiers?’”  The some in the crowd started yelling, USA..USA..USA.”  Beck replied, It is easy to shout USA- but do our citizens even know what the nation stands for?”  When 37% of the American citizens are unable to find the United States on a map, our nation is in serious trouble.  NIPats is in contact with the National Center for Constitutional Studies to align a curriculum which would certify NIPat members as well as other local citizens and enable them to become teachers of the Constitution.  How do we know when our liberty is threatened unless we can identify the areas of the Constitution which are encroached upon?  More on this in the coming weeks.

Forebears came to these shores not for free stuff but for freedom.”  We are becoming a society which shucks personal responsibility and instead looks for a hand-out from the government.  As a nation we should be about a hand- up not a hand-out.

The day of the rally also coincided with the unveiling of a Fredrick Douglas statue at the Capital.  After the civil war and during the debate over what to do for previous slaves, Douglas stated, “Leave us alone and mind your business.“  These words ring true today, as the massive federal government attempts to micromanage everyday aspects of our lives, right down to the light bulbs we use in our homes.  Douglas’s wisdom centuries ago, is appropriate now, “Leave us alone and mind your business.

Currently there is a bill in the House:  HR2045  Halt the IRS, the bill  sits in committee and seeks ” To prohibit officers and employees of the Internal Revenue Service from initiating any new audits for 180 days.“  While NIPats would like to see this legislation time frame extended until there is a special prosecutor with a full hearing on IRS targeting, it is at least a start.  Start contacting members of the House Ways and Means committee and tell them you want this legislation to move forward out of committee, that the IRS must be fully accountable for its targeting and harassment of the American people.

Finally at the end of a long day, one speaker stated, “We need to stop playing tee ball and start playing hardball.”  If we do not stand strong, if we do not sacrifice and make saving the foundational pillars of this nation a priority, the country we know .. that we believe in.. will be lost.  The choice is up to the individual patriot, will you stand up?




                                                              From the Korean War Memorial


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