The POWER of the Phone Call

Multiple Your Voice

Often individuals believe that their voice is unheard amid the constant static heard in Washington or at the local level with elected officials.  Yet the calls you make do count and they can sway a politician who is soft on an issue.  Each politician uses their own formula to gauge constituent calls and determine the “pulse” of the voters in their elected areas.

If the politician starts receiving calls from their constituents on an issue they will normally at least pause and give thought to the issue before them and it can sway their vote.  Depending on the size of their voting district they will assign a specific number to each call.  For instance, a Senator who represents the entire state, they count each call  received as 5,000 or 10,000 constituents depending on the size of the state.  They know that truly motivated individuals call and make their voice heard.  They also know that each motivated voter represents say 5,000 other constituents who for whatever reason does not make the call.  Maybe life events are preventing them or they are not aware the issue is before the elected official, but they feel the same as the motivated caller on the issue.

If there are no calls the elected official will believe the people she/he represents does not care about an issue.  When a vote comes to the floor, the politician will cast their vote according to some standard they hold or perhaps something that has nothing to do with their constituents.

When making calls realize you will not speak to the elected official directly, but rather to an office person who will take your concerns and forward them on to the elected official.  Be prepared when you call with a couple of specific points you want to make, for some of the issues you may want to write them down so you get your point across in the most effect manner. Some politicians such as Senator Coats will follow-up in a couple of weeks with a letter regarding the issue you called about, if you give him your address.

Now the politician may still vote for a piece of legislation contrary to your expressed concerns, but if we do not stay engaged our republic is in danger.

While you may not be out on a corner protesting with 100 other like-minded people on an issue, these calls make a greater difference in the direction our nation travels.  Your one call may be tallied as 5,000, so make those calls and multiple your voice.

Read this old post and see the difference phone calls do make.


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