Standing for the First Amendment!

IRS Protest

On Tuesday May 21, patriots from across the area participated in the nationwide protest of the IRS.  The individuals at the protest took two hours out of their day to have their voices heard.  Of the approximate 55 patriots who were at the Merrillville office some used vacation time in order to make the protest, others came after working a 12 hour shift, a couple stopped in briefly during their lunch hour and others rescheduled life events all because each one understood how the IRS actions threatened every Americans first amendment rights.

Here at NIPats we wish to thank each and every patriot who took time out of their day to show they cared about our nation and her founding document, the United States Constitution.  Together we can make a difference!

Your elected officials will not know where you stand unless you contact them.  NIPats urges you to call and tell them you want a full Congressional hearing with subpoena power on the abusive overreach by the IRS. Numbers at the bottom of post:

1st District Representative Pete Visclosky DC office: (202) 225-2461

2nd District Representative Jackie Walorski DC Office:  (202) 225-3915

Senator Dan Coats DC Office:  (202) 224-5623

Senator Joe Donnelly DC Office:  (202) 224-4814

For additional information on the IRS scandal see here.


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