IRS Abuse of Power/ Scandal

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is arguably the most powerful and feared agency within the United States government.  They alone have the ability to presume a company, organization or individual guilty of crime, making the grieved party responsible for asserting and proving innocence.

Starting in March of 2011 news reports surfaced of the IRS using intimidation factors on Tea Party, Patriot and 912 Project groups as they sought non-profit status as a 501(c)3 and 4. Although alternative media sources and those plugged in at a national level of Patriot groups knew of the intimidation before the 2011 news reports.

The current administration in Washington ignored the IRS abuse of power and chose to label the abusive actions of the IRS against the citizens of the country as merely an overactive conspiracy theory mindset. The federal government is trying to sell the mantra to the citizens that the groups affected by the actions of the IRS are just making this all up.

A conspiracy theory is not a conspiracy theory if it is proven to be true.

The Inspector General of the U.S. Treasury issued a report finding that the Internal Revenue Service sharply discriminated against conservative organizations. The Inspector General of Treasury filed their report after Mark Levin petitioned for an investigation of harassment and threats by the IRS against conservative groups.

The claim that the threats were made by rogue agents, at one IRS office in Cincinnati, does not ring true since the intimidation was found to occur at offices spread across the United States.  We are now learning that the tactics by the IRS were felt by scores of organizations and citizens across the nation.

The questions asked by the IRS are an outrageous violation of the First Amendment, as they sought unprecedented answers to questions such as names of family members, their occupation, the name of all members of your group plus more.. HotAir: 10 Crazy Things the IRS Asked

As members of the Tea Party we reject any apology offered by the government.  All Americans should be livid over the abuse of power by the IRS.  We deserve an honest and truthful representation.

We demand a complete investigation, using the full powers of Congress including a formal investigation including subpoenas and testimony under oath.  Government belongs to We-The-People and we deserve answers!

Additional information on the IRS scandal / cover-up:

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