Lake County Income Tax Moves Forward

The Lake County Council will meet on Tuesday, April 9th at 10:00 a.m. for the first reading of the proposed Lake County tax on personal income.  Currently the proposed tax is scheduled to be instituted at 1.5% of income.  Lake County is the only county in the state without an imposed income tax on residents.

The meeting will be held in the Auditorium at the Courts Building in Court Point, 2293 North Main Street, this is the 2nd building of the Government Complex.

Patriots are encouraged to attend the meeting Tuesday.  Come armed with reasons why the tax should not be instituted, not just because we pay enough taxes already.

Some food for thought, data from the various counties surrounding Lake which could be considered comparable:

Porter County:

Estimated population based on 2010 US census for 2012:  165,682

Current County tax rate:  0.05%

LaPorte County:

Estimated population based on 2010 census for 2012:  111,246

Current County tax rate:  0.95%

Newton County:

Estimated population based on 2010 census for 2012:  14,044

Current County tax rate:  1.0%

Lake County:

Estimated population based on 2010 census for 2012:  493,618

Current County tax rate: 0.00%

Tax rate for all Counties in Indiana can be found here at the bottom of the page.


Things to consider, although Lake County has over double the number of residents of its closest county (Porter), the purposed rate is three times what residents of Porter incur.  With the higher number of residents even if Lake was to institute at the current Porter rate of 0.5%, Lake County would receive over twice the revenue from residents than Porter County.

Then consider that the purposed rate is not the 0.5% of Porter County but three times that at 1.5%.  Lake County will be taking in over 6 times the revenue stream than Porter County, between higher tax rate and additional people paying tax.  Now granted this is considering that every resident of the county is working, which we know is not the case, some are children, elderly or whatever.  Yet it can be assumed that the working population percentage is comparable.

The question then becomes where is all this additional revenue from a 1.5% County tax going to be spent?    According to County Commissioner Bilski, the county has already “shed 350 jobs” to lessen the yearly deficit.  It is unclear whether the decrease was due to attrition or lay-offs.  Has anyone noticed a decrease in services?  Does anyone believe that additional savings cannot be found?  How long has the county been operating from a bloated budget?  If the county tax is passed is there any guarantee that the bloated payroll will not suddenly reappear.    Where exactly is this money going? These questions need to be answered concisely with no ambiguity. WE-THE-PEOPLE  deserve an answer.

Please try to make this meeting. Because it is held in the middle of the day,  it will be challenging for some to make the meeting, but if you are able to attend,  let us know what happens and we will send an update for all patriots.


Taxed Enough Already!


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