Stop Experimenting on Our Children: Common Core

A true threat is under way which many citizens are unaware of, yet the impact will have dire results for all children.  A nationalized set of educational standards is being pushed through many state legislatures with no concrete knowledge of what these standards mean for our children.

Instead of higher educational goals which encourage the development of critical thinking skills, the new curriculum becomes a race to the middle not to the top for our children.

Common Core, the name of the nationalized standards program, currently only covers two subject areas: math and english.  However it sets in motion the framework for total inclusion of all pre-K through 12 education.  Eventually these nationalized standards will be included curriculum for both home school and charter students.  In fact the publisher of the ACT has already agreed to adapt the test to be in-line with the nationalized standards.

Understand that Common Core is not just different measures of learning through tests but entirely different methods of teaching.  In Indiana, for example, the current standards in math are higher then what will be expected with the new material.  We are dumbing down our kids.  Currently educators are allowed to adapt material to individual student needs in learning, this no longer will this be allowed.  Curriculum in Common Core is only allowed to be taught in one manner.  Huge corporations such as Microsoft are pushing Common Core because of the future windfall of dollars they will receive with its implementation in creating programs for testing.  Local communities will have no say in what is taught or how it is taught, never mind that a vast majority of dollars which fund education come from the state not the federal government.  And who does not believe that local school districts and the community know better what their students need and how it should be taught?

Common Core is framed in ambiguous terms focusing on supposed benefits for our children yet the curriculum has never been used, let alone tested to gauge its effectiveness.  Let me repeat this again, Common Core has no demonstrable results in teaching any child anything, it has never been used yet the Department of Education is attempting to push this untried method of teaching on our children.  Our students become guinea pigs .

Even educators who sat on the validation committee for Common Core express doubts as to its effectiveness:

Dr. James Milgram of Stanford University is the only mathematician on the validation committee. He said that is was almost a joke that a student would be ready for University level math after completing the Common Core curriculum.

Dr. Sandra Stotsky served on the validation committee, but she refused to sign off on the Common Core standard because the standard was so inadequate. She said “Empty skill sets that won’t prepare students for college course work.” The reading level expected will be about 7th grade level.

An additional aspect of Common Core is the data information which will be gathered on our children and shared with the federal government as well as the corporations who supply curriculum/testing material.  Currently the federal government is prohibited by three different laws in the collecting and storage of personal information on any specific student.  Common Core circumvents this prohibition by having the state collect the information and forwarding it to the federal government which in turn allows access of the data the companies involved in its creation.  The scope of the information gathering is intrusive and extensive, everything from results of medical test of the child to the types of meals the student eats while at school to parental information including, family structure, family income including all household income and voting status of parents.

The Indiana Senate in a non-partisan vote has already passed legislation SB 193 which would require public hearings on the implementation of Common Core in each state district, require a cost analysis of the program and would require an evaluation of Common Core standards against those currently in use within the state.  All of this is quite reasonable yet the bill is stuck in committee on the House side.

Breaking Information via Jim Bratten, , Indiana State Coordinator, Tea Party Patriots through Heather  Crossin:


Here is the latest on Senator Schneider’s Common Core legislation. Yesterday in committee, he successfully attached his language to a House bill, HB1427. It could be voted on by the full Senate as early as next Tuesday. If it passes the full Senate, which we expect it to, it will then bypass the House Education Committee and go directly to the floor of the House! This means it could be voted on in by the full House as early as the end of next week. Please contact as many members of the House as possible, asking them to support Senator Schneider’s Common Core language. (After Tuesday, the message will hopefully be “please pass amended HB1427, which includes Senator Schneider’s Common Core bill.”)

In the mean time, please send them articles on the Common Core, since some may not be up on this issue. We need to educate as many of them as we can, as quickly as possible. The switchboard for the House is (317)232-9600.

Also, for those of you who missed it, Glenn Beck issued an S.O.S. on the Common Core last week. He said that he has only done that one other time. He now considers Common Core THE most important issue facing America. Watch him at the link below to learn about the invasive data-collection they will be doing on our children. It is shocking!

Best regards,  Heather

P.S. – Be aware that, in what appears to be a pre-emptive move and an attempt at control, Representative Behning had a version of his own language passed out of the House Education Committee yesterday. It is a sham and is no good. Don’t let ANY legislator fool you into thinking that supporting Behning’s “new language” is sufficient. It is not, and is simply an attempt to further derail our efforts! To my knowledge, there has been NO media coverage of this action, but you may want to be aware of it.

The latest coverage on SB193:


Subject: SOS: Stand against ‘most important’ piece of fundamental transformation – Glenn Beck


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