Election Day 2012

Hours till the polls open.

The media focuses  on the destruction from Sandy on the east coast and ignores the murder of American citizens by terrorists in Benghazi.  We have within our grasp the ability to throw off the chains of soft tyranny which eludes the media.  The largest threat to our nation, to our sovereignty  is the financial cliff we teeter on.  Escalating debt and trillion dollar plus deficits are unacceptable.  Putting an end to tyranny will not magically happen overnight, it is a journey to realign the country back to founding principles which applauds and encourages liberty.

Do not obsess over the polls; it is an honor to vote and an obligation we share as Americans.  It is your duty as an American to vote for liberty.

As Americans we believe in the truths which our founders carefully laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

We must turn out in droves tomorrow,  regardless if the wait is hours to cast our ballot or the weather is bad.  We must stand for liberty.

Talk to family and friends with passion, inspire them to vote for liberty.   Vote for love of country and founding principles!


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