Six (6) Days to the Election: What You Can Do!

Does anyone doubt that this election is perhaps the most important election since the creation of our nation?  We sit at a crossroads of what the future of the country will be; ever increasing government control which leads to a soft tyranny or the embracing of principles encapsulated through the founding documents of the nation?

NIPats will not tell you how to vote, we believe you are smart enough to know what is best for America and what are the core values of the nation.

In these last 6 days there are many things you can do as an individual to help direct the nation toward liberty…

  • Contact a local campaign, they always need additional help.  Maybe to:
    • Phone bank
    • Handing out plugger cards on November 6th at polling places.  Typically the candidate will have a quick 3 point policy solution for potential voters to hear before they cast their ballot.  This may be something like, “please vote for XXX, she believes in fiscal responsibility, limited government and the Constitution.”
    • As the election nears candidates are looking for individuals to place campaign signs in places such as in front of polling locations or in high traffic intersections leading up to election day.

Campaigns are not the only area were you can help.

Tea Party Patriots has set up a phone banking system, find out more here You will be surprised what you find out.

Make a statement in your neighborhood or front yard, check how here.


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