Signs the Liberals DO NOT Like

In swing states, Tea party and private family groups, paid for billboards to be placed along interstates which stated, “Voter Fraud is a Felony” followed with the possible criminal/financial penalty.  The billboards stated nothing but the truth regarding this crime.

Various left wing and elected Democratic took exception to the signs labeling them racist.  Clear Channel at first refused to pull the signs, yet under increasing pressure they reached an agreement with the groups which paid for the billboards to take the signs down.  In addition, Clear Channel agreed to place 10 billboards up, free of charge, for the protesting groups which state “Voting is a Right. Not A Crime.”

Anyone who understands the application of rights in this country, recognize that rights only come from God.  Voting is NOT a right but a privilege. A legal alien is afforded all rights which we embrace as citizens such as free speech and the right to unreasonable search and seizures, yet they are not allowed to vote as non-citizens, that are reserved as a privilege to citizens who meet specific requirements.

Stating that “Voter Fraud is a Felon,” is simply stating the truth contrary to what the left wants to claim.  Just as a billboard which might say “Stealing is a Felony” or “Murder is a Felony”, speaks the truth regarding our laws. We are a nation of laws.

We encourage Patriots to speak out against this blatant attempt to silence, by creating their own home billboard.  We know Patriots can create signs.  Place them in your front yard or in public areas where you see campaign signs, get them out and leave them in place till November 7th.

Some suggestions:

Voter Fraud is a Felony

Remember Personal Freedom When You Vote

Vote For the Constitution

Vote For Liberty

Or use some of the facts many Patriots know yet seem to allude the general public.

Trillion Dollar Deficits Are Unacceptable

What Happened in Libya?  We Have a Right to Know

If you would like your signs posted on the web site, send them to us at NIPatriots at



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