Taking Action: Contacting Campaigns

Get involved in a campaign for a candidate who embraces core American values.

If you know a candidate whose philosophy aligns with these values, get involved in the campaign.

Volunteer to walk door-to-door for a candidate.  Walking door-to-door is a powerful and effective way to connect with other citizens. When you walk door-to-door the issues become real and personal.  Often walking is done in groups, so even if you have never walked for a candidate you will have someone with you.

Campaigns also look for individuals to make phone bank calls.  You will be asked to make calls from specific lists, and will be given a brief script, which will probably end with you asking the caller to vote for the person you are calling for.

The first time people either walk door-to-door or phone bank it may feel odd, maybe even a bit uncomfortable, but in a short amount of time you will be surprised how easy it becomes.

Do not be discouraged if you do not feel comfortable walking door-to-door or in making calls, all campaigns have something you can do to make a difference and help the candidate in winning the election.


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