Remembering 9/11

Eleven years ago our nation was shocked beyond understanding, numbed by a horrendous attack.

Through the ensuing days, Americans came together and grieved our  loss.  None of us could escape the images of such hatred which rained down on our collective psyche.  Whether we knew any of the victims of the terrorist attack or not we mourned.  Those who were once strangers became real to our hearts, as individual stories were told in celebration of their lives.

As a nation, we understood at an intrinsic level that  the attack was meant to demoralize us as a nation, yet it brought us together.  As Americans we reached out to one another, displaying kindness and caring.   As a People, we knew the attack was antithesis to what we believe as Americans.

Today, if even for a moment, pause and think about those who lost their lives.  How our nation’s liberty was attacked eleven years ago today.  How innocent people pursuing their livelihood became targets solely because they were living their lives.  How first responders suffered great loss.  How passengers of United Flight 93 on  learning of the attacks chose to bravely fight the terrorists.

Today should always be remembered as a day to embrace our core values as Americans.


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