True the Vote Comes to Indiana

One of the cornerstones of our republic are elections were only eligible voters cast ballots which determine their representation. In 2008, the Lake County Board of Elections found the first 2,100 of 5,000 submitted new voter registration forms from the group ACORN “fraudulent.”

The non-partisan organization, True the Vote, is a citizen-led effort to restore truth, faith, and integrity to our elections. 

From True the Vote: Our government was built upon the belief that election results represent the true will of the people and our election processes were always intended to be supported by citizen volunteers. We are helping stop corruption where it can start – at the polls.

To volunteer towards this campaign please sign-up at True the Vote.

Also of interest at the True the Vote web site is the law suit filed by Judicial Watch and True the Vote against the state of Indiana elections officials.

We should be unfaithful to ourselves if we should ever lose sight of the danger to our liberties if anything partial or extraneous should infect the purity of our free, fair, virtuous, and independent elections.
John Adams, Inaugural Address, March 4, 1797


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