Why Wisconsin Matters !

A cornerstone of our republic is the electoral process.  Citizens of this great country are afforded an opportunity to elect officials to represent them in the government.  Various candidates seek our vote through both the primary process and then in the general election by stating their policy positions and stances on the issues; the electorate (We-The-People) then vote accordingly.  Unlike other countries throughout the world, we have orderly elections and a peaceful transfer of power to the newly elected. This is what a truly free society maintains for her people, a stable, consistent and orderly government. 

Wisconsin’s  use of a recall election may leave Hoosiers a bit perplexed. Indiana does not have recall of elected officials.   From our perspective this a good thing, elections have consequences and the voting rights we have as Americans are vital in maintaining our liberties.  How can there be stability of governance, when a handful of special interest groups can throw an entire state into chaos, circumventing the will of the people who voted during the general election?

This is what has happened in Wisconsin with a recall election scheduled for June 5th.  

The recall drive in Wisconsin is not about malfeasance or misconduct by an elected official but rather bitterness from ­­special interest groups.  Unions are the ones who have lead all the recalls in Wisconsin.  If every time some partisan organization decides they do not like the election results or a particular policy and they use recall of an elected official to strike back, how can there be stability of governance?  A recall used in this manner does nothing but create turmoil within the state and emboldens the antagonists with ideology that chaos works.  This is NOT how a republic is designed to maintain freedom for the people.

Make no mistake, the recall elections in Wisconsin matter to the entire nation.  The reason they matter is not about political ideology, but rather if the integrity of the election process will endure.  Creating chaos and instability of government over non-egregious behavior threatens the core principle of our electoral process. 

This recall election is the prelude to what we may experience in the November general election, if the forces of chaos are allowed to disrupt our republic’s electoral process now, it will only be worse heading into November.

Do you still have any doubts regarding how important this recall election in Wisconsin will be to the nation?

Listen to the interview audio of Pat Caddell, Democratic strategist, and why he is against the recall call effort in Wisconsin.




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