Senate Votes NO Budget

On May 16th the United States Senate voted on five separate budgets, the Presidents 2013 budget and four budgets sponsored by Republicans.  One of the foremost duties of our elected officials in Washington is to pass a budget.  The US budget prescribes where our tax payer dollars go.  The inability of the Senate to pass a budget is a gross  dereliction of their Constitutional duty.

Is it any wonder that the US debt limited has been risen 5 times in less than 4 years?  How can a government stay fiscally responsible when there is no play book guiding where money is to be spent?  Each of the last three years the federal debt has grown by over a trillion dollars. For every dollar the government spends it borrows forty-four cents.  If you were to run your household budget in this manner where would you be in say 6 months, a year or like the Senate 3 years?

The November election is important in determining the direction of the country.  Elected officials should be placed on notice that their constituents expect them to fulfill their Constitutional obligations which includes passage of a federal budget.  Sound the alarm patriots, engage in conversations with those you meet because this country is worth fighting for and the time is now.


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