How You Can Help in Wisconsin !

Partnering with the national Tea Party Patriots, Northern Indiana Patriots (NIPats) is soliciting from its members a question which only each of you can individually answer. 

Is our electoral process and its integrity important to you?

If there was a way you could help fight the antagonist assault on the electoral process, would you?

Would you be willing to travel to Wisconsin for a day or two or longer and canvas conservatives in local neighborhoods to supply information on, why voting against the recall is  vital to the integrity of voting and stability of governance across the nation?  And what if the cost was minimal, would you take time out of your life to stand for our republic and the electoral process?  Tea Party Patriots have scholarships available to off-set the cost.

If traveling and canvassing is not possible, would you donate some time between now and June 5th to make calls to conservative homes, working from a script, to urge them to vote against the recall because the result of this election is larger than the state of Wisconsin?

Tea Party individuals across the nation are trekking to Wisconsin, some will be there for a single day and others have committed to being on the ground in Wisconsin until the June 5th election.  Together we can make a difference, together we can stand tall for the core principles which make this country great. 

Interested in helping out with boots on the ground or making calls?  Visit the Tea Party Patriots link here.

The link above can also be used if you want to donate any amount large or small to help off-set the cost for a patriot traveling.




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