Health Care Compact Response to Scare Tactics

The Health Care Compact, if passed by Indiana and other states and then passed by the U.S. Congress, will allow Indiana to assume responsibility for health care for Hoosiers. It will allow us to provide better, more affordable care – free of federal mandates and free of the more than 2,600 pages of federal rules and regulations that help to drive up health care costs, complicate coverage and restrict innovative ideas from being implemented in Indiana.

The Health Care Compact will:

Allow Indiana to create our own health care plan – one that is best for Hoosiers

  • Prevent a one size fits all plan for health care coverage, mandated by the federal government
  • Provide Hoosiers with the same amount of their tax dollars to be spent on health care coverage in Indiana, without being told how to spend those tax dollars by the federal government for federal health care with strings attached.
  • These tax dollars belong to Hoosiers. It is NOT the “federal government’s money” as those that support the ACA would have us believe.

 Allow innovative ideas that were beginning in Indiana to continue – Health Savings Accounts and the Healthy Indiana Plan are examples

  • The Health Care Compact will NOT affect any program that Hoosiers do not want affected and it will NOT cut any services or benefits to Seniors or any Hoosiers.
  • There is absolutely NO LANGUAGE in the Health Care Compact bill (HB 1269) that mentions any cuts or reductions in benefits or services to any health care program, including Medicare or Medicaid.
  • There is absolutely NO LANGUAGE in the bill that affects Seniors or others in any way. To suggest there is such language is a lie.

The Health Care Compact:

• Will NOT end Medicare

• Will NOT affect the Medicare guarantee for Seniors

• Will NOT decrease benefits for Hoosiers on Medicare and Medicaid

• Will NOT lead to cuts in benefits and services

Proponents of the ACA will say anything to scare Seniors and other Hoosiers in order to support a federal program that is unaffordable.

The Health Care Compact will simply allow health care decisions for Hoosiers to be made by Hoosiers. These decisions will result in a more efficient, more cost effective system that allows better coverage for more Hoosiers.


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