URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Health Care Compact Options

Indiana Health Care Compact (HB1269) has already passed in the House.  This important legislation which allows Hoosiers better choices and a stronger voice in their health care options is currently stalled in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Thursday morning, Feb. 23rd, we have a VERY IMPORTANT committee vote on self-governance in Indiana!

Members of the Appropriations Committee need to know that Hoosiers want self-governance in health care options, not layers of  bureaucratic control. This legislation needs to move out of committee and be allowed a vote in the Senate.

Please take a moment to contact as many members of the committee as possible, making sure to place something similar to , “Vote YES on Indiana Health Care Compact as a subject line.

Committee information is below:

Chair: Sen. Luke Kenley, District 20 317-232-9400 Email Your Legislator   or s20@in.gov

Sen. Ed Charbonneau, District 5   317-232-9400 Email Your Legislator   or s5@in.gov

Sen. Phil Boots,  District 23 317-232-9400 Email Your Legislator   or s23@in.gov

Sen. Brandt Hershman,  District 7  317-232-9400 Email Your Legislator   or s7@in.gov

Sen. Connie Lawson,  District 24 317-232-9400 Email Your Legislator    or s24@in.gov

Sen. Pat Miller, District 32 317-232-9400 Email Your Legislator   or s32@in.gov

Sen. Ryan Mishler,  District 9  317-232-9400 Email Your Legislator   or s9@in.gov

Sen. Brent Waltz, District 36 317-232-9400 Email Your Legislator   or s36@in.gov

Sen. Thomas Wyss, District 15 317-232-9400 Email Your Legislator   or s15@in.gov



When you call or email, here are just a few things you need to make sure you tell them:
1. Hoosiers need relief from the crushing financial and regulatory burdens of the Affordable Care Act. HB1269: The Health Care Compact provides this relief.
2. The Indiana state legislature is better equipped to administer health care programs  than the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
3. HB 1269 does NOTHING to any existing program, to include Medicare and Medicaid. In fact, seniors are helped by changing the long term trajectory of those programs.



The Indiana Health Care Compact would give the power to make choices back to Indiana residents. 

While this You Tube clip was created by the Ohio State Health Care Compact much of the information in the short clip pertains to Indiana as well.


YouTube Preview Image

Take action call or email the above Senators today, take control over your health care choices!



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