Health Care Compact Moves Forward

Representative Tim Neese (R-Elkhart)  introduced the Health Care Compact in the Indiana Statehouse. The legislation has now  passed out of the Public Health Committee in the House Chambers by a 7-3 vote and now goes to the House floor for a vote.

From an op-ed  authored by Representative Neese in the Indy Star online:

“The Health Care Compact is an interstate agreement that restores authority and funding for health-care regulations to states, making it more of a “local issue.” The compact has the potential to cut the federal deficit by nearly $3 trillion by 2021, if implemented in all 50 states. The Health Care Compact has already been introduced in 13 states since February 2011 and has been adopted in four states. It is being considered by state legislatures in more than 13 states, including Indiana.”  Read the entire piece at the link above.

There is no reason why 300 million Americans need a single health care program.  And there is certainly no reason why care for our health needs to be administered by Washington insiders. 

Bureaucratic cronyism has filtered into the massive layers of the Affordable Health Care Act.

To provide citizens better choices and a stronger voice, decisions should be made at the state level.

Call your state Representatives and urge their support of this bill.  The House call center is experiencing high call volume but do not allow this to prevent you from making the call.  Hoosiers this is the first step in allowing us to regain control of our health care options.  Use the Find My Representative tab at the top of this website for contact information.

For additional information on the Health Care Compact view the You Tube clip created by Tea Party Patriots here.

The main site for the Health Care Compact.


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