Grassroots Making a Difference

Last weekend Northern Indiana Patriots (NIPATS) sent three representatives to the Tea Party Patriots Leadership Conference in Charleston, South Carolina.  The conference was intense and provided NIPATS additional tools for addressing efforts such as GOTV and our out of control government.  Below is a short story on how grassroots action has an impact in shaping the direction of our country.

During one of the Saturday sessions, National Coordinator Debbie Dooley from Georgia received some important news which vividly displays how grassroots makes a difference.  Saturday morning, she was notified that a Georgia federal representative was seriously considering co-sponsoring the Stop Internet Piracy Act  (SOPA).

For those unfamiliar with this legislation and its companion bill the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Senate, these bills allow overreaching Internet control by the federal government granting them the ability to shutdown Internet sites without judicial review or recourse.

Once Ms. Dooley became aware that this representative was about to co-sponsor the bill, she immediately sent out an email blast to the Tea Party Patriots in Georgia asking them to call, fax, tweet or email the representative to urge him not to support the legislation.  The clock ticked…

That afternoon around 1:30pm, Ms. Dooley received an email from the chief of staff of the GA representative asking  to “call off her patriots,” the Congressman had decided not to co-sponsor the bill.

Often we hear individuals say, “My one call doesn’t make a difference.”, but as you can see in this case it does.  Your one call which may only last a minute or two is amplified by all the other patriots making their one minute call to express their opinion. 

1+1+1+1 can have a dramatic impact in shaping the direction of the country.  Our Congressional representatives work for us. If we do not inform them of our position on various matters they will vote according to forces outside of their constituents’ beliefs.  Ms. Dooley commented that each battle to win Constitutional governance is not a victory, yet our voices do make a difference as shown above.

Take a minute or two and add your elected officials to your phone contact list, this allows for easy access when calling them. Use the handy link “Find My Representative” at the top of this website.

Making these calls are important.

By taking this action you help preserve the American ideal of a government of the people, by the people, for the people.


You may even want to inform the staffer that you are a Tea Party Patriot with Northern Indiana Patriots.  Let the Washington elite know we are here, watching and involved.


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