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It has been over 800 days since the United States Senate last passed a budget.

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Without a well defined plan, how can the American people trust Congress to make the right decisions to curb the overspending, eliminate the deficit, and begin to pay down our massive debt of $14.4 trillion and counting?

Last night the President of the United States displayed once again that he refuses to put forth an actual plan, written down, in detail, to keep our country from barreling off of a cliff.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives proposed a debt ceiling plan that calls for just over $1 Trillion in deficit reduction over the next 10 years in exchange for an immediate increase in the debt ceiling. In other words, he is willing to cave and give the President a debt ceiling increase in exchange for a promise of cuts over the course of 10 years that are not defined, that WILL NOT eliminate the deficit, that WILL increase our national debt, and will still risk a downgrade of our credit rating. We’ve heard it all before: more current spending in exchange for future promises. The American People are tired of broken promises.

Today on Capitol Hill many supporters of the President in, response to his call to action last night, are pummeling congressional offices with phone calls to let them know to continue with the unsustainable status quo, to raise taxes, and keep feeding the beast. We MUST respond to this and show Congress how the majority of Americans feel.

The mask is off, the curtain drawn back – we have a

FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP, in both parties.

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This is no longer about Democrats or Republicans. This is about the future of America. The current crop of politicians have ZERO credibility when it comes to promising to cut spending. Their political careers are more important than their service to their country and those they represent.

They have¬†NEVER¬†lived up to their promises of cutting spending, and we don’t expect them to do it now.

The President has abdicated his role completely in leading this country and he is focused solely on his reelection campaign.

The Democrats in Congress are playing political games, desperately trying to maintain the bloated and unsustainable size of government, while trying to help the President get reelected.

Republican Leadership is avoiding responsibility, trying to convince the American people with their rhetoric that THIS time we can trust them, while their actions lead us down the same path that the Democrats would like to take us.

This really is a tipping point. It’s time for the politicians in Washington to decide whose team they are on. If the Republicans only care about what is best for the Republican Party and the Democrats only care about what is best for the Democrat Party, then who is looking out for what is best for the American people?

The stakes are high. We must remain resilient because if we don’t stop this spending path of destruction, where will we turn – - if in America – - liberty cannot survive?

Call your Congressmen and Senators and tell them enough is enough. The American people will no longer stand for promises of the future. We demand REAL cuts and REAL action NOW!

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